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Private Duty Nurse

If you are not prepared to take primary responsibility of caring for your elderly ones, you can contact qualified geriatric care professionals to help you. Whether you are a parent with a child who suffers from a terminal health condition, a caregiver or an old person, we are here to give you the help you need to live well.

Elderly often face the challenge of decline in the functionality of their muscles and joints.Changes in the body arising from old age can make a person  to lose muscle mass.we Help our elderly's  to overcome these challenges using modern strategies


Startup Services

Our private duties nurses employ nursing skills together with common sense and preventive measure to help them cope with age safely.We are highly trained who can help you our love ones live independent again without sacrifice their home home,family ,friends.By providing a good assesment  and followed the plan of care together to manage the care at home  we can bring the smile in their life 


As you contemplate on whether you will enlist the services of a professional geriatric care or a private home care services, consider what services he or she will offer your family member. We are a full private nurse services that provides all primary care and elderly care services to help you or your loved ones stay comfortably.she will offer best your family



Our Plan

Medicaid:is the medical assistance program for low income people of all age who are unable to pay for care and who meet the eligibility guideline,it's financed by federal and state laws.

Private Pay(out of pocket )

The client pay for home health care services directly,we offered affordable payments plan to meet our clients needs.

Our Services

We aim to: follow up patients, physicians and health related matter on a daily basis.  Respond to our clients inquiries in a timely manner

 Managing care to clients who have acute,chronic,or life threatening physical health conditions.Collaborate with others health system and act as an advocate for those in need.we provide geriatric care, pediatric care, hospices care during the final stage of life, we are available 24/7 days a week.

Our locations

Can't leave your home?

 we'll come to you Currently serving Nassau,Suffolk,Queens Brooklyn, Manhattan. Available 5 days a week from 9 am to to 5 pm Easter time to answer your questions and 24/7 around the clock to provide home care assistance.